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DEVELOPMENT of electronic devices

We design and manufacture electronic products on request. Our goal is to create high quality and reliable products with a competitive cost.


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REPAIR SERVICE for fuel station electronics

We are specialized on repairing all kinds of fuel station electronics. (Tokheim, Logitron, Gilbarco, Tatsuno Benc, Hectronic, OPW, Nuovo Pignone. etc.)

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CNC Machining and manufacturing

Beside the traditional CNC services, we offer complete solutions for helping big companies, startups, kickstarters or individuals, to make their product ideas a reality, through 3D modelling, manufacturing and the final assembly.

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Products for automation

Limit Value Switch

150,00  excluding VAT

Products for automation

Modbus I/O module

109,00  excluding VAT
65,00  - 70,00  excluding VAT

Analog Signal Converters

Signal Converter and Splitter

138,00  - 153,00  excluding VAT

Analog Signal Converters

Isolated Signal Converter

128,00  - 141,00  excluding VAT
124,00  - 138,00  excluding VAT
97,00  - 118,00  excluding VAT

Galvanic Isolators

Galvanic 0(4)-20mA Isolator

97,00  - 117,00  excluding VAT
69,00  - 79,00  excluding VAT
259,00  - 270,00  excluding VAT

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Universal service remote control for fuel pumps (Tokheim, Wayne Dresser, Adast, Tatsuno Benc, Satam)

110,00  - 132,00  excluding VAT

The Universal Fuel Pump Remote Control is a 5-in-1 Fuel Pump Controller designed for fuel service companies. Compatible with Tokheim, Satam, Wayne Dresser, Tatsuno Benc, and Adast fuel dispensers, it offers a universal solution for various fuel pump types. Features include high power infrared with up to 4 meters of working distance, a durable case, battery saver function, and indication LED. This Fuel Dispenser Remote Control simplifies management and control, replacing individual remote controls and providing efficiency and convenience. It’s an essential tool for fuel service professionals, ensuring smooth daily operations.

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Slim 4-20mA Temperature Transmitter for Pt100 or Pt1000

65,00  - 70,00  excluding VAT

Introducing the 4-20mA temperature transmitter, our slimline and intuitive temperature transmitter is specifically designed for 2-wire or 3-wire, Pt100 or Pt1000 sensors. Precision-engineered, this compact unit consistently provides a linearized 4-20mA signal output. This output is meticulously calibrated to the temperature characteristic of the associated Pt100 or Pt1000 sensor, ensuring highly accurate temperature readings. The device’s standard temperature range extends from -15 to 150ºC. However, we offer customization options to better suit your specific temperature monitoring requirements – simply specify your needs before ordering.

SKU: LSP-TSTS Categories: ,
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Galvanic 0-10V or 0-5V Isolator

97,00  - 118,00  excluding VAT

The Galvanic Isolator LSP-IV2 is an essential tool in industrial settings, serving as a reliable link between transmitters and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). It ensures the integrity of 0-10V or 0-5V analog signals, reducing interferences and ground potential differences. The LSP-IV2, encased in an IP40 case and designed for TS-35 DIN rail mounting, offers three-way and 3500VDC isolation. It comes factory calibrated for +/-0.1% accuracy and features user-friendly screw terminals and a power LED. Made in the EU, this isolator is a critical component for smooth operations in automation systems.

SKU: LSP-IV2 Category:
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Current Loop for Gilbarco 2-Wire

155,00  - 176,00  excluding VAT

This product is made for connecting fuel pumps with Gilbarco 2-Wire protocol to POS. This interface can handle four pumps at the same time.

SKU: LSP-FCG4 Category:
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Communication interface for Gilbarco 2-Wire protocol

85,00  - 110,00  excluding VAT

This interface is made for connecting fuel pumps with Gilbarco Two Wire protocol to POS. This interface can handle one single side or one double side pump.

SKU: LSP-FCG Category:
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