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We are fulfilling our clients special requirements for several years from now, with a great success.
Our goal is to create high quality and reliable products in a competitive price.

How we develop a product?


The first step is to have a comprehensive conversation to understand your goals and requirements. This is where we start to outline expectations for the future product, such as how it will work, where it will be placed. 


At this stage, we begin the important task of detailing and specifying the requirements of the project. This is where we start to forecast and anticipate the kind of technology and resources that will be necessary to deliver the quality that the client expects. We consider various factors, such as the project’s overall scope, the desired performance level, and the client’s specific preferences and needs.

Design and Development

This step is the longest process. We define the necessary technical details, map out the electronic needs of the module, write the controller program if needed for the specific development, design the PCB, box if needed, etc.

Prototyping and testing

Once the product is in development, we make a prototype of both the PCB and the housing. Both are done in-house as long as our existing technologies allow us to manufacture them. This ensures that we can present a rudimentary product to our customer as quickly as possible and make any necessary modifications.


When it comes to manufacturing, we can take on the in-house production of products from PCB assembly, through assembly to packaging, up to small series.


This includes product specifications, product line development, redesign in case of parts supply disruptions or upgrading.

Manufacturing the designed products


1. Component sourcing

To find parts distributors with the best quality parts and the fastest delivery times, so that our customers get the best possible price for their product. We work together with the biggest electronic components distibutors worldwide.

2. PCB Assembly

We undertake the production of small series of products, assembled by hand or by pick-and-place machine, whether THT or SMD components.

3. Enclosure manufacturing or customizing

For a freshly designed PCB, we can also offer you a custom-designed enclosure, either by adapting standard boxes or designing from scratch.

Custom CNC machined enclosures made from durable plastic or aluminium

3D printed enclosures with SLS and FDM technology

Modified standard enclosures precisely with CNC machines

Unique enclosures come with unique labels!
UV printing, PVC foil sticker labels produced with cutter-plotter, Laser engraving

5. Testing

Freshly manufactured panels are first cleaned, removing any residual dirt from the manufacturing process.This is followed by a visual inspection, then applying voltage and programming if necessary.


Redesign of existing units for the purpose of size reduction, if repair is impossible, if the production of the given product has discontinued, if extra features are needed, etc.