About us



Levtech Service and Production SRL is based in a picturesque valley in Transylvania, Romania. It was founded as a family-owned business in 2016, when father and son, passionate and experienced in the fields of electronics and automation, teamed up to create and innovate together.

Since then, our team has grown and now we are working with some of the most dedicated people who have unique expertise and craftsmanship. Together we aim to provide high quality solutions and wide range of services.

Our mission is to create values for our customers and to become a trusted long-term partner for their solutions and innovations.

What makes us different is that our job is our passion, we value our customers, therefore we choose transparency, clear communication, we base our relationships on trust, and we deliver on time.



We are developing and manufacturing electronic products on request. Most of the inquiries have come from the refueling industry but we take orders of consumer electronics and other industrial electronic parts as well. If someone turns to us with a product idea, we can help with realizing this, going through all the steps from designing to production. The product manufacturing brought in a new service, the CNC machining, which was initially needed to be able to make enclosures for electronic devices. Having free capacities on the CNC machines, we started to produce custom and small series of aluminium parts for other companies in Romania and abroad. We are convinced that those are able to design high quality electronic devices who have met with lots of different types of electronics, repaired them and were able to learn from the faulty designs. We have more than 35 years of experience in repairing electronics, and our repairing services have earned much appreciation in the refueling industry by solving seemingly impossible cases. Currently we are in partnership with all the Romanian companies in the refueling service industry and constantly growing partnerships abroad. By having a large network, we often receive special requests on industrial automation projects where we can provide PLC programming, cabinet wiring and unique machine design to solve processes and production steps in different industries. Over the time, we have also developed a large number of our own products, which can be ordered from our webshop worldwide.




Our main principle when working with clients and partners is achieving mutual trust. We are not afraid to show vulnerability, to admit if we make mistakes and learn from it. This is what we expect from the parties who we are working with but also from our own employees. A long term partnership and honesty is valued above all.


Our team takes this very seriously. Even though we offer Express Repair services and take CNC machining orders with tight deadlines, we always focus on high quality. Our products are also designed to last long and, therefore, we are not afraid to provide guarantee with our work. Quality is ensured by our passion and thrive for excellence.


Instead of getting over with the work as fast as possible, we often ask questions to make sure that there is a perfect understanding with our clients and we are able to satisfy them. This working method with open communication has proved to be the best approach which is highly appreciated by all our clients and it makes us stand out among other companies on the market.


Our team works hard and invest a lot of energy to deliver the expected outcome. This can only be maintained in the long-term if we make sure that they come to work happy, healthy, and with enthusiasm. It is also important to us that we can count on each other. We believe that the environment and attitude make a great difference not only in our employee’s well-being but also in the quality of our work.