Universal service remote control for fuel pumps (Tokheim, Wayne Dresser, Adast, Tatsuno Benc, Satam)

132,00  excluding VAT

The Universal Fuel Pump Remote Control is a 5-in-1 controller for fuel service technicians. It is compatible with Tokheim, Satam, Wayne Dresser, Tatsuno Benc, and Adast fuel dispensers and functions as the original brand-specific remotes. Technicians require only this single device for multiple pumps. It has a high-power infrared with a working distance of up to 4 meters, a robust case, a battery-saving function, and an indication LED.


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1 - 4 132,00 
5 - 9 5.3 % 125,00 
10+ 14.39 % 113,00