This flow meter transmitter, as the name suggests, measures and transmits the measured quantities.

The measurement is performed by counting the pulses generated by the connected flowmeter. The frequency of these pulses can range from 1 Hz to 100 kHz. The sensor connected to it must be selected according to these frequencies. As our tool needed to give the user more configuration options, we needed a user menu.
This menu has been solved with a web interface. So there was no need to add an extra button or display, which would have increased the size of the product. The device was given WiFi communication capability via an ESP. The user then only needs to have a phone or a laptop to connect to the device and change the settings. Settings include setting pulse/unit, selecting the unit of measurement, changing totalizer precision, etc.
In addition, the user can also change ModBus communication settings from here.

In addition, the device must also transmit the measured values, so it has several outputs. These include Modbus and analogue 0-10V outputs, which can be configured via the web interface.

Flow meter transmitter web interface
Flow meter transmitter web interface